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Conditional Admission Get Admitted to College and Start with English Study (IIE)

With conditional admission you are admitted into a bachelor or associate program with the condition that you complete language instruction at LCSC's language program, IIE. Once you have completed the final level of the program you meet the language requirements for college, no TOEFL needed.

Conditional Admission Requirements


  • Exchange college students APRIL 15
  • Degree seeking college students JULY 1 
  • IIE applicants one month prior to orientation.


  • Exchange college students OCTOBER 15
  • Degree seeking college students DECEMBER 1 
  • IIE applicants one month prior to orientation.

Please note that waiting to apply as late as one month before the start date of your program is risky. Dorms fill quickly. It is also not uncommon to experience delays when applying for a passport or visa. IPO recommends that you apply early. You can apply for a visa up to four months prior to your program start date.


  1. Fill out our online application or print and email/mail the downloadable application.  Address the envelope to: International Admissions 500 8th Avenue, Lewiston, ID 83501 USA
  2. Pay the application fee. This fee is non-refundable and is for processing your request.
  3. Send official school transcripts/records: An official transcript is usually sent directly from the high school or university. If the transcript is hand carried to LCSC, make sure that it is still in a sealed envelope.
    1. Students must show evidence of secondary (high school) school completion or the equivalent. 
    2. Students must show at least a 2.0 Grade Point Average (GPA) on a 4.0 scale from a secondary (high school) or post-secondary (college or university) institution.  Students with more than 14 transferable post-secondary credits do not need to show secondary transcripts.   
    3. Some applicants will be required to submit their original transcripts to an outside evaluation agency such as World Education Services (WES). This determination will be made by the admissions team at their discretion. Students will be responsible to pay for the transcript evaluation.  
  1. Send a bank statement showing funds available for study.Send Certificate of Financial Responsibility (CFR).
  2. Send a passport copy. 
  3. Schedule and pay for a waybill through eshipglobal to receive your official acceptance letter and I-20.
  4. Communicate your housing preference to IPO at
  5. Once you have your visa send us a copy and will send you a subscription to one free month of Dyned, our online language learning tool.
  6. Obtain LCSC-approved health insurance.

We recommend that students scan and email copies of all their documents as soon as possible. This will allow us to process applications quickly .  Please email documents to and official documents can be mailed to the address listed above. 

IPO will issue an I-20 only after steps 1-5 have been completed. Allow 5 business days for processing.


To transfer to Lewis-Clark State College from another school in the United States, please have your current school fill out our Transfer Form. Also send official transcripts from your previous college or language school. An official transcript is usually send directly from the school. If the transcript is hand carried to LCSC, make sure that it is still in a sealed envelope.

Pre-Arrival Information

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