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Dyned is the world's leading provider of English language learning software and its courseware is the most highly awarded in the field. LCSC offers admitted students a free 30 day trial. Students can use Dyned to take a sample placement test to see at what level they are likely to be placed. Dyned also offers exercises to help develop mastery of English quickly. 

Take the test to see where you will place. Then use Dyned to improve your score upon arrival.

You will take a placement exam at Orientation. You must place into Intermediate or higher to be able to study in IIE. Practicing with DynEd before arrival can help you improve your score! As a reference, here is a chart showing the DynEd scores and the level reached:


Required DynEd Score







 You need to score 0.5 or above to study in IIE.

 Getting DynEd Pro is easy. Just scan your F-1 visa and submit it to your IIE advisor today. We will email you a username and password for your DynEd Pro account so you can start learning English right away!

 Learn how to use DynEd at home.

Download the DynEd Pro App from the Apple Store or for your Android Device, or use it on your computer:

Apple Store:

 Google Apps -- Android:

 Mac/PC Download: