International Programs

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English Language Program The Institute of Intensive English

We have been teaching English as a second language for more than 25 years. We have small classes, professional teachers, strong community interaction, and an excellent homestay program.

Join us for Spring 2, 2015 Orientation on March 6, 2015

Our Program

We offer four levels: Beginning, Intermediate, Advanced and Bridge. Each level is usually two terms, with the exception of Bridge, which is a semester-long program.

See Bridge Program for more information.


Homestay provides a unique opportunity to live with an American Family. Our students who take advantage of homestay excel in their English studies, gain cultural understanding and have a family support group. See Housing Options for more information. 

Health Insurance

All international students are required to have LCSC-approved health insurance.


*See the Academic Calendar for scheduled breaks and important term dates.




Spring 1 Orientation

Jan. 9

Jan. 8

Spring 1

Jan. 12-Feb. 27

Jan 11-Feb. 26

Spring 2 Orientation

March 6

March 4

Spring 2

March 9-May 1

March 7-April 29

Summer 1 Orientation

May 8

May 6

Summer 1

May 11-June 19

May 9-June 17

Summer 2 Orientation

June 26

June 24

Summer 2

June 29-August 7

June 27-August 5

Fall 1 Orientation

August 20-21

August 18-19

Fall 1

August 24-Oct. 9

August 22-Oct. 7

Fall 2 Orientation

Oct. 16

Oct. 14

Fall 2

Oct. 19-Dec. 11

Oct. 17-Dec. 9


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