International Programs

Health Insurance for international students

All LCSC college and IIE students are required to have LCSC-approved health insurance.

Official LCSC Student Health Insurance Plan (SHIP)

The official LCSC health insurance policy and terms, inlcuding the prices per semester, academic year and IIE term are updated every year. The plan covers you in case of a serious medical emergency. It also provides coverage for everyday health problems and medications. It does not include dental or vision. International students can use this coverage on campus at LCSC Student Health Services. All expenses incurred at LCSC student health services is paid by this insurance at 100%. You can also use this insurance off-campus, according to the plan terms.

Alternate health insurance for international students

LCSC has arranged an alternate option for international students, through the ISO International Student Health Insurance, but restrictions apply. Customer service representatives can often communicate with students in their native language. Restrictions include:

  • The policy does not cover international athletes.
  • A minimum coverage period of 3 months applies.
  • Students must pay for the alternate insurance before the first day of class.

Learn if this alternate plan will work for you.

SACM Students

SACM students are covered by approved insurance, and must file an insurance waiver every term, or they may be billed for the LCSC health insurance policy.