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Payment Options

How to Pay LCSC Tuition and Fees

  1. LCSC accepts MasterCard, Discover Card, Visa, and American Express. You will need to communicate with your bank about the daily limit for charges. Please note that credit cards and/or debit cards will be charged a 2.5% convenience fee. 
  2. Most automated teller machines (ATM) only allow a certain amount of cash per day to be withdrawn. Plan ahead if you want to use this method of payment.
  3. Bank drafts from your home bank are accepted if the amount is in U.S. Dollars and Lewis-Clark State College is listed as the beneficiary.
  4. Check from a U.S. based bank. 
  5. E-Check on Warrior Web. Student must have U.S. checks and include the bank account, routing number, and check number.
  6. LCSC does not accept direct wire transfers. Wired funds can only be transferred with the intermediary company, peerTransfer. The website is secure and allows you to transfer exact amounts. Please go to for more information. 


Billing Statements:

Paper statements are not mailed. Students should log in to WarriorWeb to view their billing statement.  Statements reflect charges for your enrollment, including tuition, course fees, health insurance, and housing and meal charges for residence hall students. A billing statement will only be generated upon course registration.  

Fees are due by the payment deadline (usually the fifth day of classes). For additional information, check the statement section under the term for which you are interested. If you have questions regarding your statement, please contact the Controller's Office. Location: Administration Building main floor, phone: (208) 792-2174, or email:

Banks within One Mile (1.6 km) of LCSC:

  • U.S. Bank
    • 835 Main St Lewiston, ID 83501 PH: (208) 799-2500
    • Need picture ID; Social Security Number not required  
  • Wells Fargo
    • 868 Main St Lewiston, ID 83501 PH: (208) 799-6235
    • Need picture ID; Social Security Number not required
  • Zions First National Bank
    • 623 Main St Lewiston, ID 83501 PH: (208) 746-0511
    • Need picture and student ID; Social Security Number not required  

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