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Tax information for F-1 International Students

Should You File a Return?

As an international student, it’s important that you comply with U.S. tax laws.  If you worked or received taxable scholarships or waivers in the U.S. during the past tax year, you are subject to federal and state taxes and therefore must file a tax return. If you haven’t worked, you must still file a form called an 8843 exemption. The International Programs Office is only able to assist students with Form 8843. The International Programs Office cannot help international students with federal and/or state tax returns.  

What forms are needed?

Tax forms in the U.S. are numbered and are all available on the U.S. Internal Revenue Service (IRS) website. The IRS publishes new forms each year so it is important that you print out the prior year form. Each state also publishes forms IDAHO  WASHINGTON. Knowing which forms you need can be confusing. Below is a chart that may help you decide. 


For those students who need to file federal and state forms, LCSC has teamed up with Sprintax to guide you through the tax filing process. Tailor-made for international students, Sprintax is an easy-to-use online tool that helps you prepare your return hassle-free. Simply follow the simple instructions, answer a few questions, and Sprintax will do the rest.


 W-7 Filing deadline – April 17

1040 NR filing deadline – April 17

 8843 filing deadline – June 15

scholarships & waivers: 

Scholarships or waivers from U.S. sources may be taxable, and if a student is required to perform a service to receive the funding it may be considered by the IRS as taxable wages. For more information about taxes due on scholarships and waivers awarded by LCSC see this handout from Student Accounts or email 

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