Idaho Regional Mathematics Center, Region 2

2017-2018 Lesson Study Shared Understandings

Linear Relationships

Students Partial Written Ovservations

 Folded Number Line

Students Working With Folded Number Line

Tape Diagrams and Equations

Block Divided Into 4 And X Vs Block Divided Into 4 Xs Both Equalling 12

Rearranging Formulas

Students Viewing Presentation Of Rearranging Formulas

Connecting Representations

Students Discussing Mathematical Represenations

Slopes of Perpendicular Lines

Students Discussing Slopes And Perpendicular Lines Lesson

Visual Patterns

Students Viewing Visual Patterns

Equivalent Expressions

Students In Equivalent Expressions Lesson Study

 Numberless Word Problems

Students Working On Numberless Word Problems

Balloon Dog

Students And Teachers Discussing Balloon Dog Problem


Students Making Measurement Conversions

Systems of Equations

Students Reviewing Systems Of Equations

Systems of Linear Equations

Teachers Observing Students Working On System Of Linear Equations

Reasoning with Fractions

Students Reasoning With Fractions

Counting On

Children Counting With Different Methods

Would You Rather

Class Group Work On White Board

 Rational Number Addition

Kids Working On Rational Number Addition

 What Is A CircleWhite Board With Students Work

Decimal Fractions

Children Working On Decimal Fractions