Idaho Small Business Development Center

Small Business Consulting at no-cost to you

Welcome to the Idaho Small Business Development Center (SBDC) located at Lewis-Clark State College (LCSC) in Lewiston, Idaho. 

Do I qualify for SBDC consulting?

Our mission is to assist clients from North Central Idaho who are planning to start, improve, grow, purchase, diversify, sell, or exit out of a for-profit small business. Anyone with less than 100 employees is considered a small business to us. Our region is North Central Idaho, from Riggins to Potlatch.

If you are not currently in business, we may ask you to attend Business Essentials workshops and/or complete The Plan prior to an appointment.

How much does SBDC consulting cost?

Consulting is at no-cost to you, except for your time. Idaho SBDCs don't have anything for sale except affordable workshops. Our SBDC is funded by a cooperative agreement with the SBA, the State of Idaho, and Lewis-Clark State College.

Do I want SBDC consulting? 

Could SBDC consulting save you time or make you money? 98% of our clients rate our consulting as good or excellent and 99% will recommend our services to another. Providing valuable consulting to existing and potential small business owners and managers is the primary purpose of Small Business Development Centers. Helping you improve your finacial performance, competitiveness, and Idaho's economy are our goals. Our clients consistently out perform their peers.

How do I get an SBDC consulting appointment?

To set up an appointment, just call us at (208) 792-2465 or email the SBDC at LCSC. Our consulting services are only available by appointment and additional follow-up appointments may be scheduled at the end of our initial meeting. You can learn more about how to register online for first time SBDC consulting.

What can I expect from SBDC consulting? 

Confidential, no-cost consulting services may help you with answers to questions, ideas, problems, and exploring plans. Our areas of expertise are financial analysis, planning, cash flow projections, marketing, internet, start-up regulations, and human resources. We can provide practical information, research, and connections for most aspects of business management.

Occasionally, we are able to match up business student teams with our clients for class projects in areas such as marketing or human resources.

Although some of our consulting sessions are single occurrences, the majority of our clients meet with us over several weeks or months. We currently have over 15 active clients who have worked with our SBDC for over ten years. They like to have someone to bounce ideas or troubles around with. Some have moved from starting a business to exploring retirement. A diverse client base helps us increase our level of expertise. Some clients are highly successful, some are struggling, and some have moved from one end of the spectrum to the other.

What else can you tell me about consulting? 

We may send follow-up questions, newsletters, and surveys. We ask clients to verify that the email address is on their approved sender's list to avoid having messages delivered to junk boxes.

Additional information about our services and affordable workshops is available on our state website at

 Confidentiality is a priority and we also avoid conflicts of interest. Please note that we work with many businesses and could be working with one of your competitors.  We do not share private information that could benefit one client over another. 

The list of Consulting Topics is to give you ideas on some of the subjects you may want to discuss with us.

If you want to know more about the LCSC SBDC Consultants, we have included some history.

You can register for local consulting at the State of Idaho Small Business Development Center website. Please click on the Request Appointment button under the Map It button.

If you recieve consulting from us, you will likely be asked to participate in surveys. See a sample Impact survey

The Campus Map will help you locate us.  We are in the Sam Glenn Complex which is on the center left.

Here are Instructions for finding us and our SBDC Parking for Consulting Appointments.