Information Technology

IT Cybersecurity Tutorial

Question #2

Which is the best way to protect the sensitive data in your computer when you step away from your desk?

a. Lock your computer with password

b. Turn off the monitor

c. Place a blanket over the screen

d. Close all programs

Answer: Lock your computer with password

When a user leaves his/her workstation unlocked, anyone can assume the identity of the user and gain access to any applications or files that the authorized user has access to. To prevent this, LCSC invokes a locking screensaver policy at 15 minutes when logging into the domain, and users should lock their workstation whenever they leave it. To lock your computer, immediately hold the WINDOWS key and press the L key (for Windows users).

Question #3

When is it okay to send your username and password through email?

a. When the email looks to be legitimate.

b. When the email has a link that then takes you to a page to type in your credentials.

c. Never.

d. When someone asks for it.