Information Technology

IT Cybersecurity Tutorial

Question #3

When is it okay to send your username and password through email?

a. When the email looks to be legitimate.

b. When the email has a link that then takes you to a page to type in your credentials.

c. Never.

d. When someone asks for it.

Answer: Never

Never send your username and password through email or type in your credentials after clicking on a link from within an email. The IT Help Desk will never ask for your login credentials through email or ask you to verify them through a website link.

Question #4

What form of cyber attack occurs when the attacker tries to learn information such as your username, password, or other account information by masquerading as a reputable entity or person in email, IM or other communication channels?

a.  Prank call

b.  Phishing

c.  Malware

d.  Virus