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WarriorStudent WiFi

LCSC to implement secured wireless for students


Lewis-Clark State College has worked on a new approach to delivering wireless bandwidth for the past two years, and it’s now time to put the final piece in place. Secured wireless for students – requiring user ID and password. The “WarriorStudent” wireless option appears as a campus connection, joining the existing “WarriorStaff”.  Students will be able to connect with their current WarriorWeb username and six-digit birthdate as the password.

Since open wireless access will go away on August 25th, a wireless option called “WarriorGuest” will be available for visitors to use LCSC bandwidth. “WarriorGuest” will only require a password. The password for prospective students and other visitors will be given out as requested. 

Why is LCSC implementing a secured wireless network?

  • Open wireless can put individuals in danger. A wireless network that is unprotected (open) means that anyone can simply connect and collect LCSC’s network traffic, which makes it easier for sophisticated hackers to track individual users of web systems (WarriorWeb, Facebook) and collect login credentials or personal data.
  • Open wireless can put the college in danger. There’s a long list of ways that organizations or individuals can try to disrupt LCSC’s network use and steal data from LCSC’s protected systems.  
  • Open wireless wastes resources. Individuals who have nothing to do with the college can walk on campus and use LCSC’s wireless resources. Drivers can park near campus and siphon bandwidth from students and employees. 

Important Note: Connecting to a secured wireless network does not guarantee security. Safe computing is still required, such as not clicking on fake links, or supplying personal information to phishing attempts.

For any questions please contact the LCSC Help Desk at and 208-792-2231.