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Interactive Video Conferencing (IVC)

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What is Interactive Video Conferencing (IVC)?

What is Jabber Video?

Where to utilize IVC technology?

Who to contact to schedule an IVC room?

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Interactive Video Conferencing is connecting two or more sites via audio and video through the use of video conferencing equipment. IVC may be used to hold conferences, meetings, classes, workshops, or one-one-one scenarios to give particpants the opportunity to see, hear, and share information digitally in real time.  

Jabber Video

Jabber is the software portion of IVC. It is installed on a computer and utlizes a webcam and microphone to particpate in a video conferencing call with hardware-based video conferencing systems. Jabber can also be used to connect to another Jabber user, similiar to Skype or iChat.  

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Lewis-Clark State College in Lewiston has five rooms enabled with IVC equipment - ACW 133, RCH 202, SGC 210, SGC 229 and WITT 120.  LCSC-CDA has one room located in Molstead 256.  

Jabber Video can be accessed from any desktop computer.  

Contacts to Schedule Rooms



 Contact Name

 Phone Number

 E-mail Address

ACW 133 Lawrence Norris  (208) 792-2392 
CDA Molstead 256 Jody Neuberger (208) 666-6707 
RCH 202 Danel Arnzen (208) 792-2218 
SGC 210 Lawrence Norris (208) 792-2392 
SGC 229 LCSC Info Desk (208) 792-2060
WITT 120 Kim Behlder (208) 792-2225
Jabber Video IT Help Desk (208) 792-2231


 Getting Started

Contact the IT Help Desk if you are interested in trying out IVC or Jabber Video.