Kids College

Meet Our Instructors

Michelle Adamson: Michelle is a local artist and part owner in Bohemian Fae, a henna and face painting creative endeavor.  
Autumn Cole: Autumn is a student at LCSC and was able to spend last summer working at Disney World.  We are excited to have her back. 
Donna Cook: Donna owns North Pole Ceramics and has been a long time instructor with us. 
Caroline (Yasmin) Edwards: Yasmin is an adjunct instructor of Spanish for LCSC. 
Jeremy Feucht: Jeremy teaches technology classes at junior high in Lewiston.
Ryan Fiske: Ryan and his wife, Jennie own 360 Gymnastics & Cheer in Clarkston.
Jeanette Gara-Betzold, MNR, RYT: Jeanette is an adjunct instructor of Natural Sciences and Kinesiology at LCSC and owns JGB Yoga. 
Rollie Hallen Rollie is a Chemistry Lab Instructor at LCSC and local sound guru for many area bands.  
Leif Hoffmann Ph.D.: Leif is an Assistant Professor of Political Science at LCSC.  He also goes to his native Germany annually, bringing back goodies for his Kids' College class.  
Rachel Jameton Ph.D.: Rachel is a Professor of Chemistry at LCSC.  
Dawn Lesperance: Dawn is the Director of e-Learning Services at LCSC and has been avidly geocaching for five years.  
Angela Meek: Angela is a Senior Instructional Designer at LCSC.  She has been a lifelong crafter. 
Lara Morrison: Lara teaches dance and Zumba at various places regionally.  
Erik Odenborg:   Erik is an Account Technology Strategist for Microsoft and graciously donates his time to Kids' College.  
Doug Ontiveros: Doug is an avid bowler and has been teaching for Kids' College for 7 years.  
Ryan Paulus: Ryan is an AmeriCorps Vista at LCSC.  This is his second year instructing. 
Chris Raykovich: Chris and his wife Jennifer own Truth Endurance Nutrition and Triathlon training.  
Tracy Robles: Tracy owns As You Like It Cakes in Beautiful Downtown Lewiston.
Myndie VanHorn: Myndie owns The Fourth Wall Art Studio Art Gallery.  This is her second year teaching with us. 
Sarah Willmore: Sarah is the Early College Coordinator in Dual Credit at LCSC.  This is her 7th year with Kids' College!!!! 
Mark Worthington: Mark works at Sodexo on the LCSC campus.
Frances Woods: Frances will be a senior at Clarkston High school and has been showing dogs for six years. She has been in the top ten Dashhund Junior Handlers for the past 5 years and was #1 Miniature Dashhund handler in the Nation two years in a row. She has shown dogs of various breeds in the US and in Canada and has won college scholarships in AKC Junior Handling. Her Goal is to show at Westminster Dog Show in New York City in 2018.
Charlene Schuping: Charlene has been showing dogs for about 15 year. She started with Great Danes and now has Standard Smooth Dachshunds. Her last Dane held a Rally Advanced title. She has shown 5 dogs to Champions in Confirmation, 2 to Grand Championships and one of those was #6 Smooth Dachshunds in the nation in 2011-2012. Four of her Dashshunds hold Rally Novice titles. We are happy to have Charlene with Kids' College again this year!
Jeff Spinelli: Jeff works at Sodexo on the LCSC campus.
Rod Farrington: Rodney Farrington has been working in the hospitality industry for over 30 years and is currently the Hospitality Management Advisor/Instructor in the Business Techonolgy and Service Division at LCSC.