Kids College

Release of Liability Statement

1) In consideration for my child/dependent(s) being allowed to take classes and utilize the activities, programs, services, facilities, and equipment available in regards to Lewis-Clark State College, I understand that my child/ dependent’s participation in any and all Lewis-Clark State College classes, (hereinafter class and/or activity) bears risk and danger from which bodily injury, to my child/dependent, up to and including death may occur.  I knowingly and voluntarily agree to assume all such risks my child/ dependent(s) may sustain in connection with any and all classes and activities, including, but not limited to falling, tripping, slipping, twisting, lifting, bending, jumping, stretching, pulling, and activities that involve strenuous exertion that could place stress on the cardiovascular system and/or muscular-skeletal systems and/or joints resulting in cardio/pulmonary distress, broken bones, joint injuries, and/or activities related to swimming, diving, and/or actives related to inclement weather conditions, contact with environmental hazards, any risks associated with cooking class, including but not limited to the use of knives, any risks associated with activities related to petting animals including but not limited to dogs and horses, and any/or other illness that may occur while my child/ dependent is enrolled in any classes and/or activities, and any damage or loss to my child/ dependent(s)’s personal property while in the class, and any activities supplemental to the activity or in route to the activity, such as walking to and from the activity on campus, use of the facilities including but not limited to, sidewalks, parking lots, risk related to the rendering of receipt of emergency first aid, transport in medical emergencies, consumption of contaminated food or drink and other unknown and unanticipated activities and risks.

2) In consideration of the permission granted to me, my child/dependant to participate in any or all programs or activities, on behalf of myself and or my child/dependant’s, heirs, legal representatives, and assigns, I hereby agree to release, indemnify, forever discharge and hold harmless by the State of Idaho, and Lewis-Clark State College, their administrators, directors, coordinators, employees, or their agents from liability for any injuries or property loss or damage I or my child/ dependant may sustain while participating in any events with Lewis-Clark State College. This release, however, does not extend to loss or damage arising out of intentional acts by, or from gross negligence of, the administrators, directors, coordinators, employees, or agents of Lewis-Clark State College.

3) I agree that parents/ guardians are individually responsible for their child/ dependant(s) personal medical expenses. I shall carry adequate accident and health insurance in amounts I deem appropriate for myself and or my dependants, within my independent judgment and discretion for this purpose, and I shall not hold the State of Idaho or Lewis-Clark State College responsible for any such expenses. 

4) I fully agree and accept responsibility on my child’s behalf to carry out all classes and activities in a safe and prudent manner and within the structure of the policies, procedures, and guidelines of Lewis-Clark State College.

5) Anyone with special medical needs or a history of medical problems should consult with their physician to be sure that they are in condition to participate in the event. Any participant with a medical problem and/or under the care of a physician may be required to provide a medical release prior to the event. 

I agree to the above terms and conditions