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Challenge Exams What is a Challenge Exam?

Challenge Exams are designed by LCSC faculty with expertise in the subject area to assess your prior knowledge of the learning outcomes of a particular course. If you believe you have mastered the course learning outcomes through experience, independent study, or other means, you may petition to challenge a course for credit. If you pass the exam, you will be awarded credit for the course, and it will be posted on your transcript. Fees and regulations apply.

Challenge Exams are one means of awarding credit through Prior Learning Assessment. There are several other ways to award credit through Prior Learning Assessment as well, including Competency Credit, AP, CLEP, DSST, or DANTES. For more information, contact the Registrar Office.

For a list of approved courses available to challenge, see below. If you do not see the course you want to challenge, please contact the Challenge Exam Coordinator, Sarah Willmore.


  1. Students must NOT be enrolled in a course they intend to challenge. Students must currently be enrolled in the semester in which they complete the Challenge Exam. 
  2. Only LCSC approved courses may be challenged; some courses are not available for credit by Challenge Exam.
  3. Students may not challenge a course during the final semester in which they anticipate being awarded a degree/certificate.
  4. Students may not challenge a course previously audited, previously failed, or for which they have received credit via another means of prior learning assessment. 
  5. Students may only challenge any given course one time.

Challenge Exams Available

Listed below are the available courses to challenge. Click on the exam title to review the “Am I Ready” document for each exam. Review this document carefully to understand what is necessary to achieve the learning outcomes for the course and determine if a Challenge exam is a right choice for you.



Am I Ready




AC 231 Principles of Accounting I 3 Karen Andrews Business
AC 232 Principles of Accounting II 3 Karen Andrews Business
BUS 101 Introduction to Business 3 Luther Maddy Business
BUS 311

Foundations of Management Theory

3 Jenny Scott Business
BUS 321 Principles of Marketing Jill Thomas-Jorgenson  Business
BUS 355 Information Systems for Managers 3 Luther Maddy Business
BUS 365 Business Law I 3 Randy Eriksen Business
BUS 412 Human Resource Management 3 Debbie Goodwin Business
CHEM 371 Organic Chemistry I 3 Rachel Jameton Natural Science & Mathematics
CHEM 372 Organic Chemistry II 3 Rachel Jameton Natural Science & Mathematics
ECON 201 Macroeconomics 3 Billy Lemus Business
ECON 202 Microeconomics 3 Billy Lemus Business 
ENGL 102 Research Writing 3 Gwen Sullivan Humanities
GEOG 102 Introduction to Geography 3 Leif Hoffmann Social Sciences
HLTH 253 Nutrition 3 Clay Robinson Movement & Sport Sciences
NU 413 Professional Role Development:Manager/Coordinator of Care 3 Kristy Johnson Nursing & Health Sciences
NU 440 Community Health Nursing Tracey Koch Nursing & Health Sciences
PSYC  101 Introduction to Psychology 3 Rhett Dissner Social Sciences 
PSYC 205 Developmental Psychology  Rhett Dissner  Social Sciences 
PSYC 240 Historical and Contemporary Issues 3 Rachelle Genthos Social Sciences
PSYC/SS 300 Statistical Methods Teri Rust Social Sciences 
PSYC  320

Social Psychology

3 Rachelle Genthos Social Sciences
 SPAN 102

Beginning Spanish II
Listening Sample 1
Listening Sample 2 

4 Ian Tippets Humanities
SPAN   202 Intermediate Spanish II
Listening Sample 1
Listening Sample 2
 4  Julie Bezzerides


For Students: Getting Started

  1. Contact Sarah Willmore, Dual Credit and Challenge Exam Coordinator, at with questions or to begin the challenge process. 
  2. Review the Am I Ready document for this exam and confirm your readiness for this exam with your signature on the Course Challenge Form.
  3. Meet with the Division Chair of the exam for approval signature on the Course Challenge Form. Then meet with the instructor of the exam for approval signature on the same form.
  4. Pay your Challenge Exam Fee online at with credit or debit or at the cashier’s office (ADM building) with cash or check. The Challenge exam fee is $70.
  5. Schedule your proctored exam with the Testing Center (, by phone at (208) 792-2100, by visiting the LIB, Rm 161, or by filling out the Online Appointment Request Form. For off-site testing, please visit the testing center website for Proctor request form.
  6. Take the exam – Bring photo ID and receipt for payment to your appointment. 
  7. Exam Assessment: The exam will be sent to the instructor for grading. After the exam has been assessed, the Dual Credit and Special Projects office will notify you of the exam results. If you pass the exam, the credits will be posted to your transcript. If you do not pass the exam, the results will not be posted.

Forms and Links

Challenge Exam Handout

Course Challenge Exam Form

Testing Center – Appointment Request Form

Testing Center – Proctor Exam Form

Testing Center – Payment Site

Sarah Willmore
Dual Credit and Challenge Exam Coordinator
Early College Programs
(208) 792-2209