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Career & Advising Services - Reid Centennial, Room 208

Mailing - 500 8th Ave, Lewiston, ID 83501  

Email -

(208) 792-2313
(800) 933-5272 ext. 2313
(208) 792-2298 (fax)

Hours - Mon.- Fri. 8:00a.m.- 5:00p.m. 
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Step 1 - Advising

All freshman will be advised at STAR and registered for their first semesters classes. For some students, moving to their majors division can happen in the first term.    

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Step 2 - Career Assessment

Career Assessments help clarify or solidify a student's major and possible career choices.  There are three different Assessments tools to choose from.

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Step 3 - Student Planning

Student Planning is the tool students will use to map out all of the courses they will need to complete their degree and register for these planned courses.  

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Final Step - Exit Interview

The final step of MyTrek is an exit interview with your CAS advisor.This interview is where you can show the research into your possible career choices you've done. 

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