Career Exploration

Career Exploration Requirements

Have you ever taken a trip somewhere, only to find out it was nothing like you expected? Career Exploration is designed to help you decide whether the career goals you have set for yourself are the best fit for you. During your initial semester as an LCSC student, you will be required to complete one or more of the following activities and write a reflection describing how the experience has influenced your choice.

PART ONE: (choose one or more of the following activities to complete)

Career Assessment

A personalized career assessment encourages you to explore education and career options based on a number of factors such as career interests, personal values, abilities, confidence, and goals. Upon completion of the career assessment, you will need to conduct research into possible career and educational options and complete a reflection describing how you can use the assessment results to make informed decisions about what it will take to make your trek through college and beyond a successful one. Go to the Assessment

Career Information Interview

A career information interview is an opportunity for you to discover more about a particular career from someone who is currently working in the field. Information interviews are great ways to learn the day-to-day realities of the job, gain a real-world perspective, and help determine if the career area meets your needs and expectations. Following the career information interview, you will complete a writing reflection detailing the impact the interview had on your decision. Go to the Information Interview Instructions

Job Shadow

Conducting a job shadow gives you the opportunity to observe first hand the daily activities of professionals in your chosen career area. In a job shadow setting, you will not only have the opportunity to ask questions specific to the career field, but to also witness the occupational skills in practice, helping you make connections between classroom learning and real-world application. Following your job shadow, you will complete a writing reflection detailing the impact your experience may have had on your decision. Go to the Job Shadow Instructions

PART TWO: (required for all activities)

Writing Reflection

Upon completion of your career exploration activity, you will provide proof of project completion, as well as written reflection. The reflection is a chance for you to take a critical look at your chosen major and potential career to decide how well the choice will meet your needs and future goals. Go to the Assessment Reflection or Go to the Career Information Interview or Job Shadow Reflection