Career Assessment Reflection Exploration and Discovery

Whether you come to LCSC with a major and possible career path or have no idea at all of a direction, a career assessment is a good way to either clarify or confirm your choices. The Career Assessment Reflection provides you with the opportunity to review, understand, and relate your scores to the possible major and career choices it points you toward.  First, a bit about what the categories and scores mean in the Kuder Journey Assessment. 

Currently at LCSC, we utilize Kuder Journey, a computer-based career assessment tool.  Kuder Journey offers three assessments to help a student to learn about themself.  These three assessments are:

  1. Career Interests Assessment
  2. Skills Confidence Assessment
  3. Work Values Assessment

Each of these assessments are relatively short, ranging in length from 4-9 minutes. The first two assessments provides the user with a printable report that offers a Holland Code profile assessing the users range (low, medium and high) for the following:

  1. Realistic - Interest in working with objects, tools, and machines to build or repair something
  2. Investigative - Interest in working with your mind-with ideas and abstract thinking; math and science
  3. Artistic - Interest in creating or performing something related to art, music, drama, and other art forms
  4. Social - Skill to communicate with, relate to, teach, and/or help others
  5. Enterprising - Interest in working with people- to lead them or sell them a product, service or idea
  6. Conventional - Interest in keeping things organized through keeping accurate records and files

The Work Values Assessment uses the same low-medium-high scale to rank the following:

  1. Workplace - Having the pleasure of working in a comfortable, attractive work space where the supervisors and co-workers are supportive and friendly
  2. Prestige - Have the sense of being highly regarded by others because of the nature of my work or the leadership I provide.  
  3. Innovation - Having the challenge and opportunity to do my work in new ways and and with independence and variety
  4. Accomplishment - Having the feeling that what I do in my work is important and making a contribution
  5. Income - Having the desire to achieve earnings and rewards that strongly support my economic and financial advancement

The Assessment Reflection offers you the opportunity to spend some time understanding what your assessment says about how you feel about the above categories. It has you express why the possible occupations it points you towards are something you are or are not interested in. It may point you to a possible career choice you had not previously considered. 

Kudor Journey Assessments also explore the expected growth and salary by career within the USA. It offers what is the projected demand for this field and how much education is needed to be employed in this major.  

Once you complete your Kuder Journey Assessment, please download the reflection form. Download the Assessment Reflection.

After you complete the form, return it to your advisor in The Advising Center, Reid Centennial Hall, Room 208.