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Student Planning Course planning at a new level

LCSC is pleased to offer to students and advisors Student Planning. This software program works with the our current WarriorWeb to assist a student in planning out courses for their major from entry until graduation.  

  • When a student is preparing to meet with their advisor for pre-registration, the Student Planning software allows a student to "load" planned courses and request a review of the courses by their advisor.  
  • The advisor can then look over what the student proposes, make suggestions and comments and then let the student know that their courses are approved for that semester. 
  • During advance registration and after open registration begins, the student can register via the Student Planning software for the chosen and approved courses with the click of one button.
  • NOTE: Advisors will still need to release students and the Conditions of Registration are still required to be completed for the student to be eligible to register. Active holds may prevent registration.  
  • Instructions for Student Planning are available at planned workshops each semester. Students and advisors can view a prepared set of instructions for Student Planning.  Get the instructions for Student Planning