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What is MyTrek?

MyTrek is the journey of self-discovery you begin as soon as you enroll at LCSC.  Our three-step, student- centered approach to education includes academic advising, a personalized map of your trek through college at LCSC, and career exploration activities. During your initial semester, you will use required activities to explore how your traits and interests will help you prepare yourself for the worlds of higher education, work, and beyond.  

Step One: Advising

Every great adventurer has a guide - someone they can trust to help them find their way. Your advisor will help you navigate your expedition, providing individualized advice pertaining not only to academic and career choices, but also to being the best advisee and college student you can be. Go to Advising

Step Two: Career Exploration

If “X” marks the spot, then finding a fulfilling postgraduation career will be your ultimate treasure. During MyTrek, you will complete activities designed to help you find the career that is right for you, while showing you how the education you are completing today will prepare you for a successful tomorrow. Go to Career Exploration             

Step Three: Student Planning

While wandering may result in great discovery, it’s nice to have a map to refer to. With the help of your advisor, you will use Student Planning software to chart a course toward degree completion and graduation. Go to Student Planning.