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Bridge Design Project

Creating a Regional Workforce for Rural Manufacturing:
Linking Technical Education Systems and Students to Local Business
A Project Funded by National Science Foundation

1.  Bridge Design Project:  Using SolidWorks and SolidWorks Simulation to design, test and build structures.

a.  Workbook:  Bridge Design Project with SolidWorks® Software 

b.  Instructor Files: 

i.    Construction Guide 

ii.   Measuring Chart 

iii.  Chart Answers 

c.  Student Files 

i.   Lesson 3 

1.  Truss 1 

ii.   Lesson 5 

1.  Truss 2 

2.  Truss 3 

3.  Truss 4 

4.  Truss 5

iii.  Lesson 6

1.  Load Plate 75

2.  Test Block Assembly

3.  Test Block Truss

iv.  Lesson 7

1.  Bridge Weldments

2.  Drawings

3.  Drawings

v.  Lesson 8

1.  Logo

2.  Reports and Drawings

3.  Solid Elements Analysis 

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