Nursing & Health Sciences

Active Duty Military Applicant FAQs

This information is intended for military personnel who are currently in active duty and will be applying for one of the scholarship programs offered by the various branches of the military for completion of a bachelor’s degree in nursing. These programs may require pre-admission to a nursing program. The process for Lewis-Clark State College and provisional admission to its nursing program is explained below.

Nursing Program Admission

Lewis-Clark State College is committed to working with personnel who are able to meet the requirements of both the school and the military scholarship programs.

Once all documents are completed and approvals received, applicants are provisionally admitted to the nursing program based on eligibility and admission criteria. This provisional admission reserves a place in the nursing program.

All admission requirements and course sequences developed as a part of your personalized plan must be upheld in order to continue to have a reserved provisional admission.


Contact Lewis-Clark State College Division of Nursing and Health Sciences to begin the process. You will be assigned an advisor who will assist you. The process takes a great deal of time and patience in order to pull everything together. Allow 4-6 months prior to seeking approvals, particularly if you are stationed where college records are not easily accessed.


The LCSC nursing program requires up to 64 credits of pre-program courses that prepare you for the nursing-specific courses. These courses can be taken at accredited schools and transferred to Lewis-Clark State College. Acceptability of the courses at LCSC is dependent on transcript evaluation.

Please see the Curriculum Plan for the BSN Basic Track.

Courses are evaluated using course syllabi and college catalogue course descriptions. The process for completion of this will be discussed in full by your LCSC advisor.

Application to Lewis-Clark State College is required for a complete transcript evaluation prior to submitting your final formal request for approval.


The University of Idaho and Washington State University both have ROTC programs. Students who are required to continue military contact while completing their bachelor’s degree in nursing use the resources at these campuses.

This is a rural area for education. These colleges are located approximately 40 miles from the LCSC campus. Commuting between these facilities is common.

The applicant is responsible to arrange for ROTC responsibilities and coordinate them to meet the expectations of the nursing program.

Pre-Program Planning

The completion of pre-program and nursing program courses require a minimum 42 months (including summer months) for a civilian student who follows our curriculum plan from start to finish.

In order to meet the timelines of your scholarship program, it may be necessary to complete some courses prior to enrolling in the military scholarship program and arrival at LCSC for coursework. Pre-program courses may be taken:

  • through Distance Learning from LCSC or other colleges
  • local area colleges where stationed (courses should be evaluated for equivalency prior to taking if possible)
  • Independent Study in Idaho  (not suitable for lab sciences)

To fulfill requirements for summer course work classes may also be taken during the summer months during the pre-program phase.

The student applicant needs to be responsible to plan and carry out the coursework so that the military completion deadlines are met. The following suggestions will assist you.

Anatomy, Physiology, Chemistry, Microbiology and Pathophysiology.

At LCSC, these courses can be completed in no fewer than three semesters. Please see our online catalog for prerequisite coursework needed for each class.

It is suggested that completion of anatomy/physiology (8 semester credits with labs), and chemistry + lab be done prior to arrival at LCSC to avoid transfer problems. Completion of these courses also completes the science requirements for one full semester and shortens the time spent working toward your degree in 36 months.

The needed chemistry course includes organic and biochemistry. Chemistry courses taken at other colleges need to include content in both areas.

English 101 and 102 and Math 123

These are courses that assist you in qualifying for other courses. These are courses normally taken in the first semester of our pre-program courses. ACT /SAT or college placement scores are used for appropriate placement.

Prerequisite Courses

The nursing program depends on completion of specific pre-program courses called “Support Courses”. These may be taken at other colleges and will be subject to approval for acceptability to the LCSC nursing program.

Please use the LCSC BSN Basic Track Curriculum Plan to identify these courses. Course descriptions will assist you to evaluate course content to determine similarities.

Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA)

It is required that all nursing applicants either complete a CNA course or NA Skills only course as a part of the admission criteria. Testing and certification by the State of Idaho is also required (for the CNA.) These classes are offered through Workforce Training at LCSC. The certification must be completed at the time of application to the BSN basic track.

Applicants who hold corpsman, EMT, paramedic, medical assistant certifications are offered a course challenge option through Workforce Training at LCSC. Students who are not successful in the CNA course challenge are then required to attend classes and pass written and skills tests.

BSN Basic Track Nursing Courses

Admission to the BSN Basic Track for nursing is provisionally granted at the time you are admitted to LCSC for pre-program courses. This provisional status remains in place until admission criteria for nursing have been met at the end of the pre-program coursework. This includes grade requirements at or above a “C” level in support courses and the availability to repeat a failed course one time only.

Military students who fail a pre-program course risk loss of the provisional admission status. This occurs because:

  • Admission “slots” reserved for military personnel are planned. Slots in future semesters may already be filled.
  • Failure of a course will require an extension to your original Plan of Study approved by your officers.

LCSC admits students to the BSN Basic Track twice annually, February and September. A separate application is required once the military applicant is ready to start the BSN basic track.

The choice to start the BSN basic track in either the Fall semester or Spring semester will affect the length of time needed to fulfill course requirements. This is due to the summer months which are typically “counted” as a part of the military scholarship program.

There are no summer courses offered for nursing. Once you are in nursing coursework you may choose to take other courses during the summer depending on the requirements of your military scholarship program.

Time for Completion

Pre-program coursework has virtually no timeframe for completion. Your military scholarship program may impose an overall timeframe for completion of the bachelor’s degree.

BSN Basic Track nursing coursework must be completed in 4 consecutive semesters, completing all courses in one semester successfully before moving to the next semester.

There are no summer courses available for the BSN basic track.

Entry into the BSN basic track beginning in the Fall semester will require 21 months until completion if summer months are included.

Entry into the BSN Basic Track beginning in the Spring semester will require 24 months until completion if summer months are included.

You may want to consider this timing if you have limited months in which to acquire your bachelor’s degree.


Dr. Krista Harwick, DNP, APRN, NP-C
Division Chair, Nursing & Health Sciences
Lewis-Clark State College

Michelle Pearson-Smith, MSN, RN, CCRN
Associate Professor
Coordinator, BSN Basic Track