Nursing & Health Sciences

Certification as a Nursing Assistant or LCSC Equivalency

A State Nurse Aide Certification card or LCSC substitution validation obtained through completing a skills only course or passing a skills challenge test is required for entry into the BSN and PN programs. CNA Certifications from other states meet criteria. 

Students holding a certification in some health-related fields may qualify for LCSC substitution validation of skills through a challenge exam. Advisors at Workforce Training can provide full details and assess your eligibility or see their website for details.

  • Unless students qualify for LCSC substitution validation (i.e. Skills Only Training course, or the Challenge Exam), full certification as a CNA is required at the time of entry into the nursing program.
  • Submit a copy of the card with your application or give the date you will be completing you CNA testing.
  • Certification must be valid and in good standing until the first day of the nursing program. 
  • LCSC substitution validation is accepted for up to 24 months from the date of issuance.
  • Completion of training + testing is due by July 17th or December 17th, whichever arrives first.

Students who have an expired CNA certification or who wish to petition for certification must contact the state certification board.

Available online plus on-site clinicals may be arranged through LCSC.  To locate a CNA course, contact LCSC Workforce Training or a provider in your area.

Bureau of Facility Standards, CNA Registry

PO Box 83720, Boise, ID  83720-0036