Nursing & Health Sciences

Students With English as a Second Language

Please contact International Programs at LCSC for detailed information for education and citizenship requirements.

These criteria are established based on recommendations from the National Council of State Boards of Nursing.  When testing is required, the  iBT or IETLS tests of language competency is used for all students for whom English is not the native and first language.  These tests must have been taken within two years of application to the nursing program.  

TOEFL Scores for Non-native English Speakers:

Minimum requirements for nursing:

Language testing scores need to have been received within two years of the date of application to nursing in order to be acceptable for the nursing program.

iELTS Score

iBT Score

Overall band score >/=    6.5

Overall score >/= 84

All sub-scores >/=       6.0

Verbal score >/=   26

  • International students who have taken college or university courses in a country other than the United States, must have transcripts from all college carefully evaluated by an outside agency for transfer to our program.