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Alternatives for CNA Testing BSN/PN Nursing at LCSC

Options For CNA Alternatives 



Admissions Subcommittee


Workforce Training

Skills Training Only

Workforce Training

Traditional CNA

Various Agencies


Medics or corpsmen who have documented inpatient work experience w/in past two years.

Those who feel they can challenge and pass skill test and are a certified provider in another medical field (i.e. Medical Assistant, EMT, Paramedic, Respiratory Therapist, Military Medic or Corpsman)

Medical background required

*One time only  

Those who do not meet Challenge requirements and are not certified as a CNA.


Those who chose to work as a CNA during or through their BSN education.

Cost No cost


$695 with min of 3 students.

Price will increase with fewer than 3 students

$765 Online/On-campus

(HCP CPR included)

What Skills list signed by RN supervisor with documented employment Independent study based on prior knowledge 36 hours of skill training to meet basic entry level nursing skills Knowledge content and skills training
Testing None

Skills test based on standardized list.

1 attempt to pass

Skills test based on standardized list

2 attempts to pass

Skills testing based on standardized scenarios and written test

3 attempts to pass test

Notes Requires contact with Chair of Admissions and advising subcommittee for nursing when form is completed

Book: Optional

Book info: Nursing Assisting: A Foundation in Caregiving 4th Edition. ISBN: 9781604250619

Author: Dugan

Book: Optional 

Info listed listed to the left.

Book: Required

Info listed to the left

Additional Information: 

Neither the Challenge nor the Skills Only Training class qualify the student for the CNA state registry or eligibility to be titled or work as a certified nursing assistant. 

LCSC substitution validation is accepted for up to 24 months from the date of issuance.

*The challenge option is one time only per student

Please see Workforce Training for details of cost and scheduling.