Nursing & Health Sciences

NHS Student Course Evaluation Self-Assessment Form

Instructor__________________ Semester/Year ___________________

Please let your current students know that you have received your SCE’s from last semester’s classes. Give them feedback and/or solicit student input or clarification on any areas of concern or question. This process of visiting with students about your SCE’s is valuable and indicates to students that their input is important to us.

Because SCE results are essential to ongoing development of instruction, please review these and consider one or two changes or reinforcements which you may institute because of the numerical results and/or the student comments.

If you have no changes or reinforcements you are going to consider, just indicate such on this form. Please include this form with your Annual Review materials (optional).

Thank you.


1. Areas of my instruction which I will reinforce because of positive feedback from this semester’s SCE’s:

2. Changes to my instruction which I will consider because of information gained from this semester’s SCE’s:

3. Other Comments: