Nursing & Health Sciences

NHS Syllabus Requirements & Template

All NHS faculty are required to follow the syllabus template approved by the division. This template includes elements intended to facilitate communication between the course instructors and students.

* Starred items are have been approved by an NHS Program & LCSC Curriculum Committee. These elements match with the College Catalog and DataTel and cannot be altered without approval from the appropriate NHS program subcommittee & LCSC Curriculum Committee.


(the following items are placed on the Title Page or elsewhere in the syllabus if a title page is not used)

• Name of College

• Division

• Course Title, number, and section*

• Semester and Year

• Faculty names & titles (of those teaching course)

• Americans with Disabilities Act for course adaptation and accommodations (below)

• All Rights Reserved statement and date (below)

• Course Number*

• Course Title*

• Course Credits*

SUBSEQUENT PAGES OF SYLLABUS BODY (placed in this order on subsequent pages)

• Course Description* and Purpose*

• Pre- and/or Co- requisites*

• Course Competencies (objectives)*

• Professional Standards

• Topical Outline

• Required Text; Recommended Texts/Sources

• Methods of Instruction

• Description of Graded Activities; Grading Criteria for each Graded Activity

• Course Grading System

• FERPA statement (use below)

• Faculty Contact Info: Office and Online Office Hours

• Schedule of Classes, assignments, reading/ Lesson Outline with date and content topic

• Course Expectations that differ from NHS Student Handbook (statement below)

Required by Program
Professional Standards: BSN Program: ANA Standards and Essentials are the standards used by the BSN program. It is expected that each course demonstrates how the content, knowledge and skills required by the ANA and Essentials are integrated. Examples: weekly objectives are identified as addressing specific standards; students write to the standards in assignments; clinical performance criteria are related to stds.

Lewis-Clark State College

Division of Nursing and Health Sciences





NU add course number and section


Add Semester and Year




Faculty name, contact information and office hours




Americans with Disabilities Act:

In compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 and Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, LCSC provides services and accommodations to students who experience barriers in the educational setting due to learning, emotional, physical, mobility, visual or hearing disabilities. If you need course adaptations or accommodations because of a disability, or if you would like for more information, please contact Student Services at 208-792-2218 (Lewiston) or Rocky Owens at 208-666-6707 (Coeur d’Alene).

All Rights Reserved. All examinations and quizzes are the property of the Division of Nursing & Health Sciences of Lewis-Clark State College and are NOT to be copied, duplicated, or reproduced in any form or manner.

Course title, number, and section:


Course Description and Purpose:

Pre- and Co- requisites:

Course Competencies:

Applicable Professional Standards:

Topical Outline:

Textbooks:  Required:


Methods of Instruction:

Description of Graded Activities:

Methods of Grading: (or Pass/Fail)

Safe Assignment (Optional):

This course requires that all out-of-class written assignments be submitted as “Safe Assignments” through the course Blackboard site. Plagiarism (intentional and not) has become remarkably common in the Internet age. In order to minimize its occurrence, and to maintain a fair grading field, students work will be screened for instances of plagiarism. SafeAssign both checks source use in your writing and provides you a learning tool, enabling you to check your work for correct use of source materials. Each assignment will have a "draft" assignment associated with it that you may use prior to the assignment's due date to check your own work.

Approved NHS Grading Scale

A 4.00 93
A- 3.67 90
B+ 3.33 87
B 3.00 83
B- 2.67 80
C+ 2.33 77
C 2.00 73
C- 1.67 70
D+ 1.33 67
D 1.00 60

FERPA statement:

The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) is a federal law designed to protect the privacy of student education records and is enforced by the U. S. Department of Education. In essence, the act states that 1) students must be permitted to inspect their own “education records” and 2) “school officials” may not disclose personally identifiable information about a student without written permission from the student. For more information on FERPA and LCSC’s directory information policy, visit or call 208-792- 2223.

NHS Handbook:

Students are responsible and accountable for the information set forth in the current year NHS Student Handbook and should familiarize themselves with its contents. It is found at under the Current Students link.

Course Expectations & Policies:

Policies that are different than those in the handbook. Or, insert statement: This course follows NHS policies as outlined in the current year NHS Student Handbook. 

  • Attendance
  • Classroom Deportment
  • Other

Late Assignment Policy:

Students are expected to complete all course assignments in accordance with the course syllabus and submit the assignment by the stated due date. Consequences for non-submittal of an assignment may include course failure. The grade for an unexcused late assignment will be reduced by 10% per day that the assignment is late. Assignments will not be accepted four or more days after the due date. If the student anticipates that s/he will not be able to submit an assignment on time, the student must send an email message to the course faculty at least 24 hours prior to the date and time the assignment is due.

The message must include the reason(s) that the student is unable to meet the deadline and request an extension to complete the assignment. The faculty member may approve or deny this request. If the request is approved, the faculty member and student determine the new due date for submission of the assignment. If the request for extension is denied, the original due date will be enforced and the assignment grade will be reduced by 10% per day that the assignment is late.

Consumer Information:

In 2008, the federal government required all post-secondary institutions offering federal financial aid programs to provide key data to both prospective and current students. To comply with this requirement, Lewis-Clark State College has developed a consumer information page, which may be accessed at

Disability Accommodations:

Students requiring special accommodations or course adaptations due to a disability and/or a health-related issue should consult their course instructors and the LCSC Student Counseling Center immediately (RCH 111, 792-2211). Official documentation may be required in order to provide an accommodation and/or adaptation.

Student Rights and Responsibilities:

Students have the responsibility for knowing their program requirements, course requirements, and other information associated with their enrollment at LCSC. Students should review the LCSC General Catalog( and the LCSC Student Handbook (available at for more information.

Accidents/Student Insurance:

Students participating in LCSC classes normally must look to their personal health insurance policy (Student Health Insurance Plan or comparable private coverage)should an accident occur. In the event of an accident, please seek medical help, if necessary, and report the incident to LCSC Security (792-2226). Fieldtrips or other special student activities may also require students to submit a signed participation waiver (forms can be obtained from the supporting Division Office).

Enrollment Verification/Attendance:

Students who are not actively pursuing their classes may have to repay part or all of their financial aid awards depending upon the circumstances.

Academic Dishonesty:

Academic dishonesty, which includes cheating and plagiarism, is not tolerated at LCSC. Individual faculty members will impose their own policies and sanctions regarding academic dishonesty. Students who are accused of being academically dishonest may be referred to the VP for Student Affairs for official disciplinary action.

Illegal File Sharing:

Students using LCSC’s computers and/or computer network must comply with the college’s appropriate use policies and are prohibited from illegally downloading or sharing data files of any kind. Specific information about the college’s technology policies and its protocols for combating illegal file sharing may be found on the VP for Student Affairs’ web page (

Diversity Vision Statement:

Regardless of race, color, age, sex, religion, national origin, disability, veteran status, or sexual orientation, you will be treated and respected as a human being.