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HESI A2 Admission Assessment Registration Info

The HESI A² Nursing Admission Assessment Exam is an admission requirement for all applicants to the BSN (excluding RN-BSN), and PN programs. Radiographic Science applicants will take the HESI A² HP (Health Profession) Admission Assessment Exam. Both HESI A² exams consist of seven different sections covering the subject areas of reading comprehension, vocabulary and general knowledge, grammar, basic math, chemistry, biology, and anatomy & physiology.

The HESI A² is available year-round from the LCSC Testing Center. Testers may only test once during an application cycle. Students may have up to 5 hours to complete the exam, although most students complete it in under 3 hours. The exam is available throughout the year; however, students are responsible for scheduling an appointment that allows them to meet the application deadlines for their respective program. Contact the LCSC Testing Center for availability. Distance testing is available through ProMetric centers

Distance Testing

Distance Testing Instructions (Remember to choose the HP version if you are a Rad. Sci applicant)

For students who wish to take the HESI A² at a distance testing location, please follow the Distance Testing instructions above. There is a 4-hour time limit on the HESI A² at ProMetric centers (most students complete it in under 3 hours.) Total fees for distance testing should be $104 and Prometric will collect this. Dates and times for testing may be limited so please plan accordingly.

For students in the Boise area, testing is offered at Idaho State University—1311 East Central Dr., Meridian Idaho, 83642. Follow the Distance Testing Instructions above.

Locate a ProMetric testing center near you!  (Test Sponsor: Elsevier; Appointment Selection: Admissions Assessment or Health Profession Admission Assessment (for Rad Sci))

How To Register HESI A2 FAQ's Frequently Asked Questions

Testing Deadlines:

LCSC Testing Center:

  • Feb. 28th or Sept. 30th (BSN)
  • Nov. 15th (PN)
  • April 7th (Radiography)

Distance Testing (ProMetric) Centers:

  • Feb. 22nd or Sept. 22nd (BSN)
  • Oct. 25th (PN)
  • March 22nd (Radiography)