Nursing & Health Sciences

Nursing Olympics A Friendly Competition of Nursing Skills

The Teams

J1 nursing class 2014J1's, First Semester Nursing Students

J2 class and PN student 2014

J2's, Second Semester Nursing Students (And This Year's Winners!)

S1 class 2014

S1's, Third Semester Nursing Students

S2 class 2014

S2's, Senior Nursing Students

Faculty and Staff 2014, nursing olympics

And.....Faculty and Staff!


  • Foley Catheter
  • NG tube
  • Bed change with comatose patient
  • Wheelchair races
  • Stretcher Races

Photos of the Events

J1 foley catheter race

J2 NG tube race

J2 and PN Bed Changing Race

Wheelchair race start

J1 and S2 wheelchair race

stretcher race teams

S2 stretcher race

J1 stretcher race

Faculty On The Loose!

Faculty before nursing olympics

Judges Scoring the races

Faculty in the bed changing race

Mary Lou and Krista in the wheelchair race

Faculty strategizing before the stretcher race

Michele and Ella-Mae in the stretcher race