Nursing & Health Sciences

Mission & Outcomes Associate of Applied Science in Practical Nursing

PN Program Mission Statement

The Practical Nursing program challenges students to achieve academic excellence as members of a collaborative healthcare team, providing evidence based care rooted in professional standards.

PN Program Expected Outcomes

  1. Graduates who contribute to the well-being of the rural population through provisions of competent nursing care, patient education, and collaboration with other healthcare professionals.
  2. Graduates with a strong foundation for continued growth and learning in the nursing profession.
  3. Graduates who apply critical thinking skills to integrate evidence-based nursing knowledge in the delivery of patient care.
  4. Graduates whose values and behavior demonstrate a respect for human diversity in an ever-changing global environment.
  5. Graduates who use communication skills to promote patient education and improve patient outcomes.

PN Student Outcomes

The expected student outcomes are derived from the program's mission and philosophy. Upon completion of the practical nursing program, students will be able to:

  1. Provide competent nursing care in a variety of settings based on practical nursing values and standards.
  2. Apply critical thinking skills to synthesize knowledge from nursing and basic biological sciences in the delivery of care to a diverse patient population.
  3. Use communication abilities to promote the well-being of individuals and families.