Nursing & Health Sciences


Frequently Asked Questions

The nursing application, course sequence plan, and program information are listed on the nursing website.  Below are some questions that we routinely receive.

If your question was not addressed through any of these means, please contact a nursing advisor to assist you with nursing program questions. Contact can be made through the Advising Office 208-792-2688, or emailing us at

How long will it take to complete the program?

You should plan to complete the BSN degree in four or less academic years. Full and part-time study options are available. You decide how many classes you want to take at one time and that determines how quickly you complete the program. We have nurses who take one class at a time and others who take several classes at once. With your nursing advisor, you will develop an individualized plan of study.

How much will it cost?

See our Cost Breakdown page. Part-time students pay a fee per credit hour plus technology course fees. See Tuition & Aid for the most current tuition and fee information. There are also expenses related to immunization tracker requirements and background checks that are not typically covered by financial aid.

Are scholarships available?

Yes! Please visit Nursing and Health Sciences Scholarships for a list on what's available and information about how to apply.

I'm not tech savvy, will online coursework be difficult to do?

Navigating your course material online will definitely be a requirement. Online study is a different way of learning, but if you're comfortable with a computer, you should pick it up quickly. We offer a tutorial on navigating our online learning system, "Blackboard learn". Watch the video  

How much time will my coursework take?

You should plan to spend on average four hours a week per one credit of theory coursework. Each two-credit practicum course (NU 442 & NU 478) requires a minimum of 90 hours of combined coursework and associated clinical activities.

Will I have to travel?

There are two clinical courses (NU 442 PR: Community Health and NU 478 PR: Leadership for the RN) which must be completed in the U.S.A., usually in your local area. Students are required to provide their own transportation and bear the expenses for all travel and housing related to clinical experiences. All students should anticipate travel and variable shifts. All clinical locations and schedules are subject to change. Each clinical course requires 90 hours of coursework/ clinical/ shadowing. In NU 442, local community health agencies serve as clinical sites, which requires the RN to be available during the normal business hours. NU 478 is often completed in the RNs place of employment. You may need to take several days off to meet the clinical requirements.