Nursing & Health Sciences

Student and Faculty Clinical Passport Module Instructions

**Learning Modules must be completed annually**

  1. Go to Clinical Placements Northwest (CPNW) website  (
  2. Create your CPNW account and wait for approval.
  3. Access the learning modules by going to My Dashboard and clicking on “eLearning” under Clinical Prerequisites. 
  4. Complete each of the learning modules. Complete a review of the tutorials and take the quiz at the end of each (click on "TAKE EXAM").
  5. After completing each quiz, your score will be automatically posted to your Compliance Records. Once you have completed all quizzes, you may download and print the results (summary report). Keep this report attached to your Passport and write the date of completion on the Passport form.

For questions, please email Trena Lawen ( or Jenna Chambers (