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Welcome to Lewis-Clark State College New Student Online Orientation

Welcome!!VP for Student Services Andrew Hanson

We’re excited you chose Lewis-Clark State College to further your educational journey. You are now part of our campus community which is rich in tradition and has experienced vast growth during the last decade. We remain committed to the individual student and will work hard to make sure you have the opportunity to realize your potential and achieve your academic goals. You have made a good choice in attending LCSC. 

All colleges and universities are essentially cultures in and of themselves, complete with unique traditions, language, and policies. That is why we offer an orientation program for our new students and their families. It is our responsibility to provide you, as a new member of our college family, with the tools and information you’ll need in order to assimilate into the campus culture. Once that happens, you’ll find yourself in a position to concentrate on your studies and begin that rewarding journey leading to the fulfillment of your goals and dreams.

Students consistently report that despite reservations about the need for an orientation program, they were glad it was available because of what they learned. I trust you will be among those who have looked back on the orientation program and found it to be of value.

Again, I welcome you to our college and wish you all the best this academic year.


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Andrew Hanson

Vice President for Student Affairs


Complete your Online Orientation and quiz by January 26, 2015 to be entered into the iPad drawing.