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Be a Knowledgeable Student

In addition to general information presented in the previous section, it is important that you stay up to date on the myriad events, deadlines, processes, and services in place at LCSC.  The more you know about how things work and where to get things done, the smoother your experience with LCSC will be.

Campus Communication 

LCMail is the College's student email system, powered by Google Apps for Education. All students are given LCMail email accounts upon admission. LCMail also includes tools such as Google Calendar, Google Talk, Google Docs, and Google Groups.

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WarriorWeb is your source for online student records and course information. With WarriorWeb, you can search and register for classes, print your schedule, plan the courses you need to complete your degree, determine your financial aid status, check your grades, view your academic transcript, and much more....

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Tutoring Centers


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Student Services

College is an exciting time in one’s life but can also bring a lot of stress and change as well. There is no college class or book that can teach a student how to manage through the many challenges that students face. LCSC offers assistance and support to students by focusing on their emotional and physical well-being by providing services such as personal counseling; health related care as well as providing disability services to students in need of those services.




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MyTrek is the journey of self-discovery you begin as soon as you enroll at LCSC.  Our three-step, student-centered approach to education includes academic advising, a personalized map of your trek through college at LCSC, and career exploration activities. During your initial semester, you will use required activities to explore how your traits and interests will help you prepare yourself for the worlds of higher education, work, and beyond.  

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