New Student Orientation

Fall 2014 Syllabus SD 107/307

Instructors:Faculty and Staff at Lewis-Clark State College

Credits earned: 1 credit

Course Description/Purpose: “New Student Orientation” is intended to provide students with information needed to be successful at Lewis-Clark State College. Students will have an opportunity to meet other students, faculty and staff. These interactions will help students get a sense of the campus culture, and more importantly, teach them how to conduct business with the college. Students will learn about the Student Code of Conduct, academic advising, student rights and responsibilities, and other policies related to their enrollment at LCSC. In addition, they will meet with faculty/advisors within their programs of study and have the option of taking a campus tour.

Grades: New Student Orientation is graded on a pass/no-credit basis. Students will earn a grade of “pass” for:

  1. Attending the entire program 
  2. Completing the online, Blackboard ©-based Plagiarism module by 10/1/14 (Library exercise #1)
  3. Completing the Library Database exercise by 10/1/14 (Library exercise #2)
  4. Attending one of the following:
    * Athletic event
    * MyTrek workshop
    * Center for Arts and History exhibit
    * Guest speaker/lecturer on campus
    * Residence Hall activity
    * Warrior Entertainment Board event
    * Intramural sports

Reasonable Accommodation: If accommodations are needed because of a disability; if you need to make instructors or orientation assistants aware of emergency medical information; or if you will need special arrangements in case of a building evacuation, please let a campus official know immediately. Contact the Disability Services Office in Reid Centennial Hall, Room 111 or call (208) 792-2211.