Meet our Staff



Personal information


Kaylee Brewster

I am Kaylee Brewster. I am a senior at LCSC majoring in English minoring in Spanish. I have lived in Lewiston my whole life. I was the editor-in-chief of the Bengals Purr in high school and I've been writing for The Pathfinder since my freshman year at LCSC. I plan on taking a year off and then going to Grad school. 

Assistant Editor

Aaron Waits

My name is Aaron Waits, and I am in my fourth year at LCSC, majoring in English/Secondary education. I really enjoy LCSC; it's a great school, and the opportunities I have had here have be very beneficial. I cannot imagine myself going to school anywhere else.

I work three jobs and go to school, so I'm very busy. But that's a good thing. In my spare time, I love spending time with friends and family, camping in the summer and skiiing in the winter are my favorite. I plan on graduating in May of 2015 and hope to move back to the St. Maries area to teach for my home school district. 

Business Manager

Ryan Grether

I am a senior majoring in Business and Communications and minoring in marketing. I am from California and moved to Boise eight years ago. I will be leaving for Moldova with the Peace Corps in June.


Bryce Kammers

I am Bryce Kammers, advisor to The Pathfinder. I teach composition and rhetoric at Lewis-Clark State College. I was raised in Asotin and like to backpack and fish in my down time. 



Dallas Callahan

I grew up on a farm near Lapwai. My favorite thing to do is barrel race, or even just ride horses in general. I am currently a junior at LC, and I graduated from Lewiston High School.


 Kaleena Chamberlin I will be dual-enrolled at LCSC and the University of Idaho starting in August as a music major with guitar as a primary instrument. I'm a junior but most likely I'll be in school for several more years. I enjoy music (obviously), drawing and painting, illustrating, writing, language… The arts in general, psychology, chemistry, physics…  My goal is to teach at the college level when I'm finally done with my B.A., masters, and doctorate… One thing at a time. I've been with The Pathfinder since my third semester and I've enjoyed my time here immensely and I look forward to continuing and being able to write more now that auditions for admission to UofI are over with and I'm learning more about my slightly insane work schedule. I also work for media services on campus and sometimes volunteer as a conversation partner for international students.



Jin Hyuk Choi




Sarah Garrison

The name’s Sarah Garrison-Taylor! I am currently a freshman studying English at LCSC. I was born and raised in Lewiston, Idaho. I spend my spare time reading, writing, hiking, and watching documentaries. 



Sarah Hennessey



HoYoung Seo

I’m from South Korea. I'm a sophomore majoring English Literature and minoring Theatre and Psychology. I would like to be a translator when I graduate. I moved to America to study the culture and understand English better. Studying in America is fabulous now as well as working at the Pathfinder as a journalist. 


Jennifer Johnson

My name is Jennifer Johnson. I am in my fourth year at LCSC. I am majoring in English/Secondary education. I have two daughters and a son. Their ages are 9 years, 3 years and 6 months. They keep me busy. I enjoy writing, cooking, ranching, and camping. I plan on graduating December of 2014. My goal is to move home to the Camas Prairie area to teach and raise my family.


Lindsey Keatts

Hi, I'm Lindsey. I am an almost senior here at LCSC. I will be graduating in 2015. I'm majoring in English secondary education. I've been writing for the Pathfinder for about two years. I love to read, go to movies and plays, dress up in crazy outfits, and shop. 


Sandra Kelly

Sandra Kelly - student, fisherman, and a big fan of breathing.


Kelsey Randles

Kelsey Randles is a senior at LCSC who enjoys reading, listening to Fleetwood Mac on vinyl, camping, and attending outdoor concerts, as well as spending time with cats, dogs, and select human beings.  She plans on continuing her education in the world of academia after graduation.  


 Erin        Mack

Hello! I’m a super-senior here at LC, and I will be graduating with an English degree and Theatre minor in May and an AAS in Paralegal in December. I enjoy reading, writing, music, and training horses in my spare time. I’m originally from Lewiston, and I’m hoping to attend grad school out of state. 


Brandon Roberts

My name is Brandon Edward Roberts, and I am a senior currently majoring in Creative Writing and minoring in the Publishing Arts.  An avid gamer, poet, and Internet junkie, I spend much of my time contemplating the mysteries of the universe, or just relaxing in my favorite chair while I do something technology-related.