Office of the President

Vision and Mission


Lewis-Clark State College (LCSC) will fulfill the Idaho State Board of Education's vision of a seamless public education system by integrating traditional baccalaureate programs, career & technical education programs, and community college and community support programs within a single institution, serving diverse needs within a single student body, and providing outstanding teaching and support by a single faculty and administrative team.

The college’s one-mission, one-team approach will prepare citizens from all walks of life to make the most of their individual potential and will contribute to the common good by fostering respect and close teamwork among all Idahoans.  Sustaining a tradition that dates back to its founding as a teacher training college in 1893, LCSC will continue to place paramount emphasis on effective instruction—focusing on the quality of the teaching and learning environment for traditional and non-traditional academic classes, professional-technical education, and community instructional programs.

As professed in the college's motto, “Connecting Learning to Life,” instruction will foster powerful links between classroom knowledge and theory and personal experience and application.  Accordingly, LCSC will:

  • Actively partner with the K-12 school system, community service agencies, and private enterprises and support regional economic and cultural development
  • Strive  to  sustain  its  tradition as  the  most  accessible  four-year  higher-education institution in  Idaho  by rigorously managing program costs, student fees, housing, textbook and lab costs, and financial assistance to ensure affordability
  • Vigorously manage the academic accessibility of its programs through accurate placement, use of student- centered course curricula, and constant oversight of faculty teaching effectiveness
  • Nurture the development of strong personal values and emphasize teamwork to equip its students to become productive and effective citizens who will work together to make a positive difference in the region, the state, the nation, and the world.

Mission and Core Themes

Idaho's college of choice for an educational experience that changes lives and inspires a commitment to lifelong learning and civic engagement.

CORE THEME I: Opportunity
Expand access to higher education and lifelong learning.
Ensure attainment of educational goals through excellent instruction in a supportive learning environment.
CORE THEME III: Partnerships
Engage with educational institutions, the business sector, and the community for the benefit of students and the region.