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Program Prioritization

Lewis-Clark State College engaged in an analysis of its programs to ensure alignment with the four goals in the 2014-2018 Strategic Plan. Staff, faculty , and administrators at all levels were part of the process.  In Fall 2014, the President established a Presidential Program Guidance committee (PG-03) to refine existing assessment processes and determine ways to incorporate Program Prioritization in an ongoing manner.

What is program prioritization?

Program prioritization is an exploration of programs and course offerings based on a process outlined by Robert C. Dickeson to help universities align their programs with the priorities of their missions and strategic plans.

“Programs” in this case refers to any and all academic programs as well as administrative and support units. Every aspect of the college was part of the process.

How were programs evaluated?

To guide us in the program prioritization process, faculty, staff and students contributed to the development of five criteria: Fit with the college’s mission, quality of outcomes, external demand, internal demand, and net resources. Indicators/metrics for each criterion were also determined. See details here (/media/1470148/LCSC-Program-Prioritization-Criteria-and-indicators.pdf).

In December 2015, the State Board of Education incorporated Program Prioritization into Policy V.B. Budget Policies.  Policy states (11. a-c):

  • "Program Prioritization" is a process adopted by the Board in setting priorities and allocating resources amoung program and services with a specific focus on Mission, Core Themes, and Strategic Plans.
  • Program Prioritization shall be incorporated in the colleges' and universities' annual budgeting and program review process.
  • Annual Program Prioritization updates are to be submitted to the Board by the college and universities on the date and in a format established by the Executive Director.

Components of the initial program prioritization process have been incorporated into the Unit Assessment documents.  Refinement of the parameters is ongoing.  Assessment forms (UAD) can be found on the Institutional Planning, Research, and Assessment intranet page.


This timeline and flowchart show the initial process and associated dates. Links to follow-up reports can be found in the menu to the left.


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**Information Updated January 7, 2016**