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Program Prioritization

Lewis-Clark State College has begun a year-long analysis of its programs to ensure alignment with the four goals in the 2014-2018 Strategic Plan. 

What is program prioritization?

Program prioritization is an exploration of programs and course offerings based on a process outlined by Robert C. Dickeson to help universities align their programs with the priorities of their missions and strategic plans.

“Programs” in this case refers to any and all academic programs as well as administrative and support units. Essentially every aspect of the college will be part of the process.

How will programs be evaluated?

To guide us in the program prioritization process, faculty, staff and students contributed to the development of five criteria: Fit with the college’s mission, quality of outcomes, external demand, internal demand, and net resources. Indicators/metrics for each criterion were also determined. See details here.

The program prioritization questions and indicators have been fully incorporated into the college Unit Assessment process. The College’s assessment plan, timelines, and the various forms can be found on the Institutional Planning, Research, and Assessment web page accessed through the intranet.


A final report is due to the State Board of Education in summer 2014. The timeline and flowchart show each step of the process and associated dates.


Program prioritization has been and will continue to be addressed at our all-campus meetings, in department/ division meetings and at Faculty Senate. If you have questions, please contact the Office of the Provost at .


**Information Updated February 11, 2014**