Office of the Provost

Recruitment Expenses Policy 3.106


  1. All request to be submitted to Office of the Provost for approval 3 weeks prior to candidates' visit.
  2. No more than three candidates are to be interviewed without prior approval by the provost.

Use of Recruitment Budget (10-01-269104)

Use of Recruitment Budget (10-01-269104) for professional staff and faculty in Academic Affairs.  No grant funded positions.

1. Advertising
    a. A maximum of three newspapers are allowable. More than three require approval by the provost.
    b. Boxed ads are not covered without prior approval by the provost.

2. Allowable Travel Expenses
    a. Candidate travel to and from Lewiston
    b. Candidate meals while traveling to and from Lewiston
    c. Lodging during stay in Lewiston

Department Local Cost Center Recruitment Expenses
1. Other meals including on-campus breakfasts or luncheons, and meals at local restaurants
2. Other expenses that are discretionary in nature
3. Local travel includes reasonable travel accommodations and rental car during stay in Lewiston