Office of the Provost

Sabbatical Dates for AY 17 Updated April 15, 2015

New for Academic Year 2016-2017  MINI SABBATICALS
Project focused, one semester, three credit release.

In keeping with the LCSC Sabbatical Policy, the following are key dates for applying for Sabbatical leave during AY17. 

The sabbatical policy, outlining the application process, criteria for eligibility and complete timeline, can be found in the Policy and Procedures Manual, No. 2114 at

Proposal guidelines and other sabbatical information can be found on the Office of the Provost webpage:

Following is the Sabbatical Application and Approval Timeline from the policy. Deadlines that occur on weekends or holidays are automatically extended to the next working day.     



October 1

Applicant: Submits proposal to Faculty Affairs Committee Chair, Division Chair, Dean, and Provost

October 8

Division Chair: Submit recommendation to Faculty Affairs Committee Chair 

October 15

Deans: Submit recommendation to Faculty Affairs Committee Chair 

October 25

Faculty Affairs Committee: Ranks proposals.

Faculty Affairs Committee Chair: Notifies Faculty Senate Chair, the applicant, the Dean, and the Provost of the applicant’s ranking in writing 

November 15

Provost: Makes written offers of sabbaticals 

November 30

Faculty member: Accepts or rejects offer in writing 


President: Informs SBOE of accepted sabbatical proposals 

For more information, please contact the Office of the Provost.