Office of the Provost

Tenure Dates for AY 17 Updated July 21, 2015

In keeping with the LCSC Tenure Policy, the following are key dates for applying for Faculty Tenure during AY17. 

The Faculty Tenure policy, outlining the application process, criteria for eligibility and complete timeline, can be found in the Policy and Procedures Manual, No. 2.111 at

Following is the Tenure Application and Approval Timeline from the policy. Deadlines that occur on weekends or holidays are automatically extended to the next working day.     

For more information, please contact the Office of the Provost

By 1st week of Fall semester


  •  notifies faculty of their eligibility to apply for tenure based on time in rank.
1 week

Eligible faculty

  •  submit "Request for Tenure Evaluation" to the provost
1 week


  •  provides faculty senate chair, STPRC chair, division chairs, and dean a list of those faculty who have indicated they will be applying for tenure
2 weeks

Applicants' division

  •  submits names of ITC members (including chair) to STPRC chair
1 week

STPRC chair

  •  issues list of approved ITC (identifying chairs) to applicant, faculty senate chair, division chairs, dean, and provost
6 weeks from notification of eligibility


  • submit portfolio to division office where it will be housed for reviewers   (division chair, dean, division faculty, and ITC)
1 week


  •  ensures that portfolio is complete
  •  notifies appropriate reviewers that the portfolio is available in the division office
3 weeks

Division Chair

  • places summative evaluation/recommendation in the portfolio
  •  provides the applicant and chair of the STPRC with a copy of summative evaluation/ recommendation

Division faculty members (optional)

  •  place written recommendation in portfolio
  •  provide the applicant and division chair with a copy of the recommendation
3 weeks


places written recommendation in the portfolio

  •  submits a copy of the recommendation to the chair of the STPRC and applicant
4 weeks


  •  places written recommendation in the portfolio
  •  submits a copy of the recommendation to the applicant, division chair, and chair of the STPRC
  •  moves portfolio to the provost’s office
4 weeks


  •  submits list of applicants for review to chair of STPRC
3 weeks


  •  consider portfolios and direction from provost and respond to provost
3 weeks


  •  submits final recommendation and portfolio with all recommendations to President
  •  submits a copy of the recommendation to the applicant, division chair, ITC chair, STPRC chair, and the     dean
3 weeks


  •  sends recommendation to applicants with a copy to the faculty senate chair, ITC chair, division chair, dean, STPRC chair, and the provost
  •  forwards all written recommendations to Human Resources for filing in the applicant’s personnel  file
  •  returns portfolio to the applicant
  •  notifies the State Board of Education of tenure recommendation
  •  announces tenure awarded as appropriate