Professional Technical Education Center

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Center for New Directions

The PTEC helps individuals in transition to become personally and economically self-sufficient.  We provide brief personal counseling, educational counseling, and career counseling to help individuals recognize their abilities and interests, set goals, solve problems, and find a positive life direction. 

  • A person seeking full-time employment outside of the home.
single parent:
  • An unemployed or underemployed person who is responsible for a dependent in the home.
displaced homemaker:
  • A person who must seek training or paid employement outside of the home due to separation, divorce, widowhood, or disability of spouse.
dislocated worker:
  • A person who is no longer employed due to a handicapping condition, job termination, or is going to lose their job due to downsizing, etc.
nontraditional adult:
  • A person entering a nontraditional training program or occupation.