Professional Technical Education Center

COMPASS Testing Student Instruction

Who needs to take the COMPASS?

  • Admission requirement for any professional-technical program applicant
  • Academic applicants (21 and older) who have never taken ACT or SAT or have not taken it within the past 5 years
  • Transfer students with 14 or fewer credits and are not transferring any math or English credits

How much does the COMPASS cost?

  • $15 fee for full assessment or
  • $5 fee per section: reading, math, or writing
  • $5 fee to have scores transferred to another college
    • Need transfer institution's fax or address information

When and where do I pay for the COMPASS?

  • Pay for the COMPASS before testing at the Cashier's window in the Administration Building

What do I need to bring for the COMPASS?

  • Receipt
  • Picture ID
  • Know your Social Security Number

When do I get my COMPASS scores?

  • Scores are printed immediately after testing