Confirming Purchase Orders PC Numbers

Facts to Know —

  • A purchase order (or a purchase order number) must be presented to the vendor before or at the time of a purchase, not after the order has been placed or received.
  • Confirming purchase order (PC) numbers are used primarily when a department is going to call, e-mail, or fax the order to the vendor.
  • Confirming purchase order (PC) numbers are not given for the following:

You will still need to submit a requisition for payment to an individual, IT items, and purchases over $5,000.

Some exceptions apply. Contact Purchasing with Questions.

Procedure for Confirming Purchase Orders —

  • Contact Purchasing to obtain a confirming purchase order(PC) number.
    • Provide: the requisition number, the name of the vendor, and the dollar amount of your order. Place the PC in the "Purchase Order #" box located near the center at the top of the requisition.
  • Fill out the remainder of the requisition (see Making Purchases).
  • Mark the "Confirming: Do not Duplicate" box in the upper right corner of the requisition indicating that the order is confirming and that Purchasing does not need to place the order. Make sure to provide the vendor with the PC number to officially place the order.
  • After filling out the requisition, send it through for proper signatures and processing immediately. Do not wait for an invoice or for your order to arrive. When departments receive an invoice, it must be forwarded to Accounts Payable.

 Questions? Please contact Purchasing at (208) 792-2288.