IT Purchases

The Director of Information Technology must approve all purchases of Information Technology property.

  • Information Technology property includes, but is not limited to, all present and future forms of computer hardware or services used or required for automated data processing, computer related office automation, or telecommunications.
  • IT also oversees Telecommunications. This includes all present and future forms of hardware or services used or required for transmitting voice, data, video, or images over a distance.

 Meaning —

  • If an item is installed on, plugged into, or otherwise connected to a campus computer or any campus network, it must be approved by the IT Director before it is purchased.
    • Includes flash/thumb USB drives, wireless mice, and software
    • Includes IT items that are a part of larger order (P-Card or purchase order)
      • EX: OfficeMax orders including USB drives or wireless mice
      • Departments must get approval via e-mail from the IT Director prior to submitting the order.
    • Software for instructional purposes is an exception, but please check with IT before processing a requisition or making an order.

Ordering IT Items —

Using a Requisition —

The majority of orders for IT items should be processed using an online requisition with a system-generated requisition number, and ordered from the vendor by the Purchasing Department using a purchase order.

Procedure for Departments:

  • Obtain a quote from IT.
    • Quantities must be exact.
  • Enter a requisition into Colleague, letting the system assign a number.
  • Email the quote to Purchasing, referencing the requisition number.
  • Once Purchasing receives notice that the requisition has received all necessary approvals, a purchase order will be processed and the order placed.

Using a P-Card —

— Or as part of a larger order

The majority of IT items should be ordered by Purchasing, but some "office supply" type items such a USB drives and wireless mice may be ordered by the department. To place these orders, Departments must do the following:

  • Prior to placing the order, obtain approval for all IT items via e-mail from the IT Director.
    • Save the approval e-mail and forward it to Purchasing when entering the requisition, or keep it in the P-Card file.
  • Follow the established procedures for placing the order via P-Card or as part of a larger order via a Purchase Order.
  • Correctly utilize Mandatory Statewide Contracts.

There are several mandatory Statewide Contracts in place for IT purchases. Contact the Purchasing Department at (208) 792-2288 for more information.

Prior to making any IT purchases and for assistance with those purchases, please contact the IT department at (208) 792-2215.