Cards for PO Use to borrow and use with a PO

Purchasing has cards available for use with a purchase order (these are not P-Cards).

Purpose of Using the Cards —

  • Departments/Staff/Students can make a purchase without bringing a hard copy of the PO to the store.
  • Departments can make a tax-exempt purchase without bringing a copy of LCSC’s Tax Exempt form to the store.
  • In some cases, the college gets rebates or coupons for using the card.

 Cards Available —

  • Albertsons
  • Costco
    • Requires a check from LCSC to use the LCSC card so departments must submit a requisition in ample time for the check to be printed.  
    • Change must be returned to the college.     
  • Home Depot & Staples
    • Most of the supplies available at Home Depot and Staples are part of mandatory contracts with other vendors so use of this card/vendor requires the Director of Purchasing’s permission.

Instructions —

  • Contact Purchasing for a PO number
    • Departments may estimate the cost of purchase if necessary.
  • Pick up the card from Purchasing. (Prior notice is not necessary but is recommended in order to ensure that the card is not checked out.)
  • Use the card.
    • Provide the PO number to the cashier so it will be included on the receipt.
    • Save the receipt.
  • Return the card and receipt to Purchasing.
    • Departments must turn in receipts as they return cards.
      • The receipts will be in WEBNOW, but it may take a few days before they are available.
      • If the department wants a copy, staff should make one before returning the card and receipts.
    • Please remember that the entire campus uses these cards and they need to be returned in a timely manner so other departments can utilize them.
    • The purpose of this policy is to prevent the loss of receipts and the accrual of fees associated with requesting reprints.
      • Departments will pay any fees for receipts they do not turn in to Purchasing.

Questions?—Please contact Purchasing at 208.792.2288.