Outstanding POs reminder

The Outstanding POs reminder is an e-mail memo sent by the Purchasing Department to other LCSC Departments. It is sent approximately once a week and lists orders for which departments received a PO number more than a week prior.

This reminder does not necessarily mean there is an issue with the requisition. It just means that it either has not been entered into Colleague yet, or it has stalled in the approvals process.  

Instructions —

  • Enter the requisition if you have not done so.
  • Check to see where it might have stalled if you did enter it already.
  • Please let the Purchasing Department know the status of any listed requisitions.
    • Ex: Entered on xx/xx/2013, waiting for x person’s approval, order cancelled, etc. 

Please note that you should not wait for the invoice before entering a requisition. Enter the requisition and then once your department receives the invoice, forward it to Accounts Payable.

Policy Background —

The Controller’s Office has asked Purchasing to remind departments to enter requisitions in a timely manner. The policy is that requisitions should be entered within 48 hours of receiving a PO number from Purchasing. The main reason the reminder has been instituted is to ensure vendors are paid on time. It also helps prevent requisitions/orders being forgotten.

Questions? Please contact Purchasing at (208) 792-2288.