Procedure for Returning an Item —

  • Contact the vendor. Explain that you wish to return an item. The vendor may require the purchase order, tracking, or order confirmation number in order to reference your order.
  • Follow the vendor's repackaging and labeling instructions.
  • Request a credit memo be mailed to the Controller’s Office with the original purchase order number on it.
  • After you have spoken with the vendor and know that a credit memo is coming, please notify Purchasing via e-mail of the change to the purchase order so that the amount of the returned item can be disencumbered.
Damaged items

If possible, do not accept the delivery of damaged items. Reject the delivery and contact the vendor.

If a damaged item is received, address the following before initiating a return or replacement:

  • Packaging
    • Document with pictures and written description any damage to the packaging.
    • Save all packaging materials.
  • Damaged Item
    • Document with pictures and detailed written description all damage to the item.

See the Controller's Office page Receiving Orders for more instructions.

If you wish to order a replacement item, please contact Purchasing for a new purchase order number.

Questions? Please contact Purchasing at (208) 792-2288.