LCSC Solicitations Requests for Quotations & Proposals

Solicitations are updated regularly—we encourage you to visit our site frequently. If you have any questions or experience problems in accessing these documents, please contact Sheila Kom, Purchasing Director.

Instructions and Guidelines

  • Print the solicitation form.
    • Linked solicitations are available in PDF format.
    • Any addenda (if applicable) will be listed below each bid.
    • NOTE: It is the vendor's responsibility to check for any addenda.
  • Complete the solicitation form.
  • Submit it as instructed in the document.

Please heed the open dates/times of each solicitation. Late responses will be rejected.

Current Solicitations 


RFQ #17-011 Internet Installation & Services

RFQ #17-011 Signature Page

Internet Installation & Services for Orofino, ID Outreach Ctr 11/4/16 




Questions? Please contact Sheila Kom or Purchasing at (208) 792-2288.