Residence Life

Ashlie & Austin See what Ashlie and Austin have to say about their experience--

Ashlie:  I would say anyone who is nervous about coming to college, is looking for a way to get involved onAshlie participating in a Leadership Retreat Activity campus, or just doesn't know many people, should come on this trip. It really gives you your first taste of what next year will be like. It introduces you to people in your hall or maybe one of your classes so you already know you won't be alone on that first day. It gives you an idea about what is available on campus and how to join. I think it's a good way to get your questions answered because you're surrounded by people who have already been in your shoes and they give you insight that the LC staff or the website can't give you.

I really liked what you put on Facebook, "From strangers to friends in 39 hours", because it really is true. We had to become fast friends and work together. 

The best parts for me were getting to meet people, getting a little more knowledge about LCSC, and this trip definitely got me excited to see what's coming up in the new year. But I also feel we're all a little more prepared than we were last week.